how to use tiktok lighting

How To Use TikTok Lighting To Make Your Video Popular 

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TikTok is a world-famous social media platform with 1.2 billion active users and over 2 billion app downloads globally. The users generally create a 15 to 60 seconds video with music, effects, and filters and integrate with other social media networks. The TikTok demographic of users are between the ages of 16 to 30, but you don’t think TikTok is just for Gen Z users. 

Though the launch of TikTok was held in 2016, it became one of the engaging video-creating platforms within a short period that allows TikTok users to express their creativity to their potential audiences. 

To make your videos more attractive, video lighting is more important than content creation, so never. Underrate the importance of TikTok video lightning when creating effective content. TikTok lighting plays a major role as it can be used to highlight and enhance your videos. This article will show the A to Z of TikTok video lighting. 

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Importance Of TikTok Video Lighting

Nobody wants to watch TikTok videos that strain their eyes. Instead, create attractive, funny, creative, and informative videos to grab users to your TikTok profile. Preparing TikTok content with best lighting uplifts your video reach and enhances the visibility to a wider audience. 

Always make sure to shoot a video with best lighting to make it visually appealing to your target audience. Natural sunlight is one of the amazing lighting, but you need to know how to utilize it. If you are new to video lighting, we’ll share how to use the best lighting for your video to make it popular among a wider audience. 

Concepts Of Video Lighting

There is plenty of video lighting on TikTok to create high-quality content. Here are the four most important lighting concepts that every creator needs to consider while creating videos to accumulate more TikTok likes succeeded by new followers.

Color Temperature

The color temperature is the first thing to make your video look more authentic and attractive to your potential audience. When creating TikTok content, select warm and cool lighting for your videos. Therefore, remember that all the lights should have the same color temperature while creating TikTok videos. 

Light Source

The light source on TikTok determines how and when you record your videos. If you plan to use natural sunlight for video lighting, you must plan the time and shoot videos accordingly. In addition, the creator can use artificial lighting to make your video attractive and eye catchy. 

Video Lighting Specs

Lighting specs are very important on TikTok, especially if you use video lighting tools like light stands. Using light stands doesn’t take your time adjusting lighting whenever you shoot videos. Additionally, if you like to record your TikTok video on a computer, ensure the lighting is physically compatible with the room. 

Soft Light Vs Hard Light

Soft light and hard light – which is advantageous for your TikTok videos? Both the soft and hard light is effective for your videos to make it more attractive. But it is essential to know how they work and when to use them in your videos. 

Soft Light

This soft light on TikTok is produced using a large light source and focusing close to the subject while shooting a video. This soft lighting style created soft edges that cover the shooting subject. 

Hard Light

The hard light is produced when a small light source is placed away from the subject with more shadows. Experiment with soft and hard light to create natural-looking, high-quality videos to boost your audience engagement. 

Types Of TikTok Video Lightings

On TikTok, there are three different types of video lighting for your shoots.

Key Light

The key light produces the high light of any of the sources in your setup

Fill Light

The fill light is just half of the key light. To avoid flat-looking videos, use fill light away from your key light to take off the shadows cast.

Back Light

Backlight can add depth to your video record as long as you remove your subject from the background. 


Are you now familiar with the use of TikTok lighting? The above guide helps you understand the importance of lighting and tips to use them effectively to make your video content viral on TikTok. However, it is essential to try different types of lighting for your videos and find the best one to engage with your audience. I hope this article will help you to create great content with the best lighting for your TikTok videos.