Here’s How You Can Change Your Car Battery Without Losing Settings


    Tuning and an oil change were done at a nearby shop. Waiting in the resting area because there was a long line ahead of me. I inquired as to the cause of the long line.

    The vast majority of individuals are visiting repair shops because their vehicle’s electrical systems have been rendered inoperable by a breakdown. That it couldn’t happen without a commotion beneath the hood made me wonder.

    I discovered that they were looking to replace their automobile battery after additional research. When I turned off the electricity, all of the electronic systems went into shutdown mode. A unique security procedure was activated when the memory was reset. By inputting a special code, I was able to disable this unusual protocol system.

    To prevent activating security protocols while replacing a vehicle battery, I sought the advice of an expert technician during my car’s tune. This is a straightforward procedure that may save both time and money, he said.

Car Battery Replacement: A Step-By-Step Guide

    A lot of individuals don’t know that it is possible to replace a car battery without erasing any data from the system. At home, you may easily replace the battery. Because of this, you’ll be able to save unneeded car charges. In addition, it will keep your car’s computer system working properly. The instructions outlined here will help you replace your automobile battery properly.

First, Keep Your Safety In Mind.

    You must take all necessary precautions when working with electrical equipment. Always use gloves, preferably rubber gloves, whenever possible.

    Let a specialist handle the battery if there is any leaking or evident damage, as this might lead to an accident. Determine which node is connected to which colour of wire. To avoid sparks and electrical discharges, perform this process in a well-ventilated area.

Prepare Necessary Tools For The Job

    Before beginning the battery removal process, make sure you have all the necessary equipment. Wear goggles and rubber gloves to protect your hands. If you need to remove a bolt, you’ll need an adjustable wrench and a couple of types of hand tools to get the job done.

Open The Bonnet And Locate The Battery

    Typically, the battery is located beneath the hood. It is possible to discover the batteries in certain autos’ trunks or under the seats. As a result, if you can’t find the battery beneath the hood, you should examine the car manually.

Prepare Secondary Power Source

    Donor batteries or a booster/jump pack can be used as a backup power source. Determine where the secondary power source may be located so that it can reach the battery connections.

    A backup source of power is needed to maintain a steady supply of electricity. It’ll keep the electricity on if something happens to it. As a result, computers will not have to be restarted.

    Using jumper wires, connect the secondary battery to the original battery’s cables. Colours on crocodile clips are important, so keep an eye on them. Make sure that black and red link.

The Battery’s Clip Should Be Removed.

    The battery is held in place by a clamp. Both at the bottom and over its top face are possible locations. As a result, remove the clamp by loosening the bolts using an adjustable wrench.

Dispose Of The Previous Battery.

    After you remove the clamp, the battery will no longer be kept in place. Disconnect and discard the battery’s associated cords now.

    Your car’s electrical system will not reset since electricity is still being supplied to it through connections from the backup power source.

    Make sure the crocodile clips are linked to a secondary power source when you remove leads from your battery.

Attach New Battery

    Put in the new battery in the designated area. Connect a red wire to the positive terminal of the battery after joining the leads in the new battery. Before doing anything else, connect the battery’s negative terminal to the black wire. Disconnect the crocodile clips to remove the backup power supply.

    Attach the clamps to the new battery and tighten the nuts with an adjustable wrench to keep it firmly in place.


    Start your automobile to make sure everything went according to plan. Electrified systems will be operational. Check the radio to see whether it works.

    If everything is OK, congrats! You’ve successfully changed your automobile battery without losing any of the electrical system’s settings.

Additional Notes

    You can temporarily supplement your primary power source with a fresher battery. Remove the old battery with extreme care.

Final Thoughts

    Changing a car’s battery may seem like a difficult process at first. You may, however, see encouraging outcomes if you follow the methods precisely and safely at all times. If things don’t work out, I’d recommend taking your car to a mechanic.